What is Superclub?

Superclub is a Sunday competition run by WBOP at Intermediate, Junior College, and Senior College levels. While the emphasis of Saturday cricket is on participation and development, Superclub  is closer to traditional cricket, with players refining their skills and roles in a competitive environment.

The clubs involved are Mount Maunganui CC, Papamoa CC, Greeton CC, and Cadets CC and Lakelands.

Superclub is designed to address three key areas:

  • give promising and dedicated cricketers more opportunities to play a high standard of cricket on grass
  • create or maintain links with clubs as players move through the college years
  • develop club cricket in the region (NZC has recognised that a strong club culture is the way forward in growing and strengthening cricket)

How are the squads selected?

Squads for the clubs involved in each grade are selected during the winter by a committee appointed by Western Bay of Plenty Cricket Association's board. Players are assigned to clubs based on:

  • current or previous club ties
  • school
  • location
  • family ties
  • travel considerations

However, squads are moderated to try to ensure an even spread of talent and cricketing roles. Given the size and strength of the Mount this naturally means that players who play their Saturday cricket for the Mount may find themselves playing for other clubs for the Superclub competition.

In the future, WBOP would like the clubs to have autonomy over the selection process for the teams, but for now teams will continue to be selected by a WBOP committee.

Queries around selection are best directed to Rana Collett at WBOPCA: 


What does Superclub mean for MMJCC and cricket in the region?

MMJCC is the biggest junior cricket club in the region. We are fortunate to have great facilities and an excellent network of volunteers that make us an attractive club for kids from all around Tauranga. It's safe to say that if you play cricket in WBOP you have probably played for the Mount at some point. However, once players hit college many move off to play for their various schools and sometimes that connection to club cricket can be lost.

For the Mount, Superclub is a way of maintaining that connection with players and creating pathways into senior cricket.

For other clubs, Superclub is way of creating a connection with a senior club.

Here at the Mount, we recognise that to have a strong club cricket competition there need to be strong clubs and we are keen to have other clubs in the region foster their junior programmes. This may mean that players who have played cricket for the Mount develop connections with other clubs - as long they are playing for someone, that will ultimately help cricket strengthen and grow through the years to come.