Good coaching is all about the ability and flexibility to reach and connect with the participant, irrespective of age, gender, or personality, so that he/she can receive the support necessary to enjoy cricket and fulfil their potential to whatever appropriate level.” Source - NZC: 

Great coaches:

  • Make sure that everyone has fun
  • Make sure everyone is safe 
  • Are fair, and help everyone improve their cricket  
  • Look for opportunities to learn and improve as a coach 

Core duties of a coach 

  • Register as a coach. If you are not currently registered, please do so by using the following link and if any problems with your registration please email Scott Steward on
  • Obtain a copy of and be familiar with the rules for your grade by emailing Don Warner on  
  • Run at least one practice a week (often Thursday at Blake park) 
  • Help your grade coordinator find parent helpers to manage and score the matches 
  • Often coaches share umpiring duties  
  • Use ideas for practice from the supplied NZC resources 
  • Get advice from grade coordinators with regards to drills and skills 


  • At the beginning of the season a roster will be drawn up showing your teams allocated net/field/wicket time on Thursday afternoons 
  • It’s a good idea to have a simple plan of what you want the kids to be better at at the end of the session. This will give both you and the kids a direction that you’ll be able to learn from (even if it doesn’t go well!) 
  • Plan your sessions in advance, so you know what is coming up, and relate the practice sessions and advice to the previous game 
  • Work on attitude, fitness, strategy and team-building as well as cricket skills, noting the four points above 
  • Keep a notebook with things to work on, what went well, what didn’t 
  • Pass on your best cricketing etiquette 


  • MMJCC has always prided itself on having excellent fielders and is often what sets us apart from other clubs 
  • It is so important to make fielding the core of your practice sessions as, in reality, this is 90% of what cricket is 
  • Kids love fielding drills and they are a great way of fostering team spirit 
  • Fielding drills can be a bit daunting if you haven’t coached before. Talk with your grade coordinator, try something simple and build from there 


Handy tips 

  • Kids (and most adults) can only handle a maximum of three instructions at a time 
  • Be really clear with your expectations around behaviour and be consistent 
  • Kids (and most adults) distract easily. Give your instructions first, then tell them to go grab the equipment they need! 

Online training 

Four online training modules for junior cricket coaching are available from NZC here:  

There are also sets of drills in PDF form here:

On game day  

1 Set up cones for boundaries 

2 Set up pitch (length)  

3 Agree rules with opposite coach before game starts   

4 Ensure that good sportsmanship is upheld by all Mount players and supporters  

5 Arrange umpires and scorers (don’t be afraid to delegate you can’t do it all)  

6 Ensure all Mount cricket gear gets to and from the game  

7 Ensure all players are wearing all protective equipment 


Most importantly make cricket fun, fair and safe